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New company presentation ISP Industrie GmbH

Discover the diverse portfolio of ISP Industrie GmbH and find out more about the offers and services in our brand new company presentation!

We are a medium-sized, owner-managed company with products and services for the manufacturing industry and the transport sector. With offerings such as industrial assembly, cable assembly and production process outsourcing, we help companies work more efficiently and successfully bring their products to market. Thanks to our two locations in Bavaria, we have good regional coverage and can serve our customers locally. This enables us personally to work quickly and reliably with our customers.

Team ISP introduces itself: Dennis Wir – Authorized Officer

Dennis Wir – our superhero with the power of representation! As an authorized officer, he plays a crucial role in ensuring that our legal matters and everything related to cable assembly are handled correctly.

Every superhero in the #teamisp has their own superhero mug. Dennis enjoys his coffee from a cup with the cool motif of Iron Man, who, like him, is an expert in tactics and problem solving.

ISP Dennis Wir
Production and Industrial Assembly

More power in your production

Do you have production bottlenecks? Do you need industrial assembly experts and a reliable partner for cable assembly?

We are close to our customers with 2 locations in Bavaria

– Brunnthal | Munich

– Schonstett | Rosenheim

Our customers come from the manufacturing industry, transport sector, electrical industry, mechanical engineering, plant engineering, automation technology/robot technology, measurement technology, aerospace and security and defense industries.

Our brand new manufacturing facility with over 1000m² of production space in Schonstett/Rosenheim gives us the power to offer even more efficient processes and significantly increase our capacities.

Standardized and according to high quality standards: Our QM team ensures quality in all areas of the company and is certified at regular intervals according to national and international guidelines. Find out more about our certifications and standards.

Feel free to get an offer.

Team ISP introduces itself: Waldemar Völker – Executive Partner

Today we introduce you to another superhero from ISP Industry – Waldemar Völker. As one of the two executive partners, Waldemar is responsible for managing production, service and logistics and leads the company with expertise and dedication.

Like every member of the #teamisp, he also has his own superhero mug. It is adorned with a picture of Rocket, who, like Waldemar, is also a master of strategy, tactics and improvisation.

Waldemar Völker
cable assembly

Cable assembly for aerospace

We work according to standardized quality standards in the production of cable and wire harness assemblies for military and space applications. It was only in December 2023 that we had our employees trained again according to the guidelines of IPC/WHMA-A-620 CIT Military/Space.

Team ISP introduces itself: Alex Hense – Executive Partner

Alex Hense is one of the two executive partners of ISP Industrie GmbH. This year he planned, opened and successfully put the entire factory in Schonstett into operation. He has created a masterpiece here.

#teamisp thinks the superhero mug “Captain America” suits him perfectly, as he also has the company’s finances and the entire business very well in hand.

You’ve probably already noticed that our entire team has their own superhero mug in the office. You will soon find out which cup Waldemar Völker drinks his coffee from and why it is so important for the ISP industry.

Alex Hense

We work according to IPC standards: training and certifications at a glance

The IPC defines quality characteristics in the electronics industry worldwide. We ensure that our employees apply the following internationally applicable guidelines and requirements.

  • IPC-A-610 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies
  • IPC/WHMA-A-620 Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies
  • IPC-7711/21 Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies

In December we will receive the certificate of IPC/WHMA-A-620 requirements for IPC Space and Military Applications Electronic Hardware.

Quality and continuous improvement are our top priority. We ensure this with our quality management in all areas of the company and have ourselves certified at regular intervals according to national and international guidelines.

New to #teamisp: Richard Häfele. Welcome!

All the best for your new role as Sales and Operations Manager. You are our perfect person to bring sales, purchasing and production into harmony. Customer service, process optimization and quality assurance are in your blood.

That’s why you appropriately received your personal superhero mug for your debut. We are pleased that you are on board.

Do you also want to become a superhero? Then apply now

Richard Häfele
ISO 9001 ISP Industrie

Successful surveillance audit:
ISO 9001:2015 re-certified

In June, the processes were checked in the surveillance audit according to DIN ES ISO 9001:2015 and the maintenance of the certification was certified.

For the first time also for our new plant in Schonstett and for the first time in the audit by TÜV Süd. We meet the highest standards both at our headquarters in Brunnthal and at our new plant in Schonstett.

Quality and continuous improvement are our top priority. We ensure this with our quality management in all areas of the company and have ourselves certified at regular intervals according to national and international guidelines.

Team ISP introduces itself: Oksana Völker – Executive Assistant

Oksana Völker has been the executive assistant since the company was founded. As an organizational talent, she keeps an eye on everything and ensures that everything works smoothly in #teamisp and that there is always a good atmosphere.

Superhero – Did you know that every team member has their own superhero mug in the office? During the break, Oksana prefers to drink her coffee from her Captain Marvel mug. We think it suits her perfectly.

ISP Oksana Völker
ISP Rosenheim Schonstett

New production plant in the district of Rosenheim

From the end of April work will already start in the new and modern production facility.
The new production facility has a production area of over 1000m² and is located in Schonstett in the district of Rosenheim.
This not only creates new jobs in the region, but also offers our customers even more efficient processes and more capacity for industrial assembly, cable assembly and production process outsourcing.

New fleet of vehicles: Always in action for our customers

Delivery reliability and customer satisfaction are our top priority. Our customers also notice this and gave us the top grade in the last customer satisfaction survey. Thanks a lot for this.

In order to maintain and improve this standard, we have now invested again in our vehicle fleet.

In the future, our new vehicles will transport the cable harnesses and electronic assemblies from our plants in the districts of Munich and Rosenheim to our customers. Of course, on time and in high quality.

ISP is growing continuously: New employee in accounting and HR

Welcome to the #teamispgroup, Christina Geyer. Accounting and HR issues are in the best hands here. We are looking forward to a good cooperation.

Superhero – Did you know that every team member has their own superhero mug in the office? Christina is our “Black Widow” and always has everything under control.

Corporate Responsibility & Sponsoring

Our company sees itself as part of social society. We therefore have a responsibility towards our employees, customers, business partners, neighbors, the environment and society as a whole. We try to make a positive contribution in all areas in our local environment.

For example, we are involved in:

  • Local sports clubs & talent promotion (sponsorship)
  • Support Ukrainian refugees (translations, visits to authorities, job search and we also hired a refugee ourselves)
  • Donate regularly to Filumi – Osteopathic Children’s Center Bad Alexandersbad

You can find out more about corporate responsibility and sponsorship at our company here.

ISP Industrie GmbH

Merging our two companies enables better service for our customers

ISP Industrie GmbH and ISP Kabelsatz-Industrie GmbH have decided to go a common path in the future. For this reason, the two companies will be merged at the turn of the year. From January 1st, 2023, ISP Industrie GmbH will also be available to you with the full portfolio and know-how of cable assembly.

The merger of these two companies has no impact on our products and services. Your direct contact and existing business relationships will be retained. Current orders, orders and the agreed conditions of the ISP cable set are taken over. The merger is only carried out for internal reasons. For you as our business partner or customer, only the company data will change.

For this reason, we would like to ask you to address and send all future concerns, inquiries, orders and invoices exclusively to ISP Industrie GmbH from January 1st, 2023.

Thank you for the successful cooperation so far and we look forward to continuing it with you. We are convinced that the merger of ISP Industrie GmbH and ISP Kabelsatz-Industrie GmbH will develop to the benefit of our customers, business partners and employees.

New production plant in the district of Rosenheim: ISP Industrie Group builds state-of-the-art production facility

We grow for our customers! We are currently building a new production facility with over 1000m² of production space in Schonstett in the district of Rosenheim.
This not only creates new jobs in the region, but also offers our customers even more efficient processes and more capacity for industrial assembly, cable assembly and production process outsourcing.

In the second quarter of 2023, we will be picking up speed in the new plant and are already looking for new employees who we will train at the headquarters in Brunnthal (Munich district).
Mechatronics technicians/electricians/electronics technicians (f/m/d) can now apply to us.


Production Process Outsourcing

Bottlenecks in production? Not enough skilled workers? No space in your own factory? Production Process Outsourcing (PPO) is the solution.

Outsource individual production steps or entire production lines to us. Depending on the project, we can also deploy our specialists to you.

We would be happy to help you find a suitable solution. Feel free to contact us.

Quality through training

As a specialist for electromechanical work related to cable assembly and assembly, we aim to deliver the highest quality. That’s why we trained 10 employees of the ISP Group just this week.

The focus of the in-house training was on the topics of crimping technology and connection technology “Through Hole Reflow Soldering” (THR). For example, the training dealt with the assessment and testing of crimp connections and the THR soldering processing steps and the quality requirements according to IPC.

At the end of the training, the company Würth Elektronik distributed a certificate to the employees. Many thanks to Matthias Wagner and Stephan Bächle from Würth Elektronik for the great seminar.

ISP industrie Group Qualität
ultrasonic compression ISP

Ultrasonic compression: Strand welding & final compression with the latest CLC technology

We have good news for you! ISP Industrie Group has invested in the latest technology so that your products remain competitive. From now on we can produce even faster and with higher quality for you in the cable assembly with the technology of ultrasonic compression.

This enables us to meet the increasing demands on the performance and robustness of cable harnesses. With this new connection technology of ultrasonic welding, we offer additional process reliability and achieve a longer service life for the modules.

Here you can find out how strand welding and final compaction using ultrasonic welding and modern CLC technology works, what advantages result from this and how you can use it yourself.

Successful surveillance audit:
ISO 9001:2015 reconfirmed

Our customers have the highest demands on us and our products and services. That is why quality and continuous improvement have the highest priority. We ensure this with our quality management in all areas of the company and have ourselves certified at regular intervals according to national and international guidelines.

In December 2021 we successfully passed the surveillance audit to maintain our certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

isp stöhr mietladepark

Rental charging parks:
Fill up on energy flexibly

Allow your visitors to comfortably charge their electric vehicle during your event.

Whether for a company party, concert, trade fair or marquee: With our high-performance charging stations, you can optimally meet the requirements of modern mobility.

The ideal temporary solution for any purpose.

  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Depending on your needs, up to 10 charging points
  • Delivery, installation and support during the rental period

Charging stations for electric vehicles can be rented from us.
We offer the option of temporarily renting from us for events and trade fairs.

Feel free to contact us and get a non-binding offer with daily rental rates.

Season’s Greetings

Dear Sir or Madam

As the Holiday Season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have helped us shape our business.

We value our relationship with you and look forward to working with you in the year to come.

We wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a New Year filled with peace and prosperity.

Best wishes

isp weihnachten

e-mobility products available on ebay classified ads

From now on, in addition to our commercial customers, private end customers can also buy our innovative e-mobility products.

Simply look through the smart solutions for everything to do with electric mobility in ebay classified ads and shop.

For the first time, solutions sold by ISP Industrie Group are not only available to commercial customers.

The following products can now be ordered:

Have fun shopping!

New in the range: e-mobility solutions from STÖHR

The medium-sized and owner-managed company group ISP Industrie Group will in future sell the product portfolio of STÖHR GmbH in the southern Bavaria region. The focus is on the marketing of future-oriented e-mobility solutions such as charging stations and rental charging parks. Also on offer: The new electronic access system for secure bicycle parking systems, charging lockers and bicycle garages, which can be purchased with or without STÖHR CHARGING STATIONS. The product range is rounded off with disinfection steles, which are used for contactless hand disinfection.

With further agreements, the two managing directors, Michael Erbar and Alex Hense, underscore their common path in the future. From now on, the cable harnesses and cable assemblies of the ISP Industrie Group will be used in the production of STÖHR GmbH. The established manufacturer STÖHR also relies on the production process outsourcing (PPO) at the ISP Industrie Group and thus ensures timely delivery to customers even in the event of production bottlenecks. Here STÖHR GmbH relies on the years of experience in the field of component assembly of the Brunnthal-based ISP Industrie Group.

The products will soon be available for purchase in our new online shop. You can also find out more on the following page.

stöhr gmbh logo
ISP Kabelsatz

Request a cable sample set now

Cable assembly for data and control cables, ribbon cables, cable harnesses and special cables. From purchasing to manufacturing and logistics. Convince yourself of the precision, fast production and on-time delivery and that at attractive prices. Please contact us!

Corporate Responsibility & Sponsoring

As part of social society, we try to contribute something positive in all areas and, for example, support the next generation of tennis players in the summer.

You can find out more about corporate responsibility & sponsoring of our company here.

ISP Industrie Group Sponsoring
ISP Unternehmenspräsentation

Company presentation

Our company presentation is online. Take a look at the video here or download the presentation as a PDF file.

Our new sales manager

ISP Industrie GmbH has a new sales manager.
Welcome to the team, Remo Stürzl.

We look forward to cooperation!

Remo Stürzl